Oh man…

I would love to report that I didn’t drink today, but after getting home from the 2 pm AA meeting, which was great and refreshing, I got slammed with a voicemail message. Sorry folks. So, tomorrow will be 1.7 then. 7 is my lucky number. Let’s hope for magic number 7. I’m at whits end here…life isn’t looking very good now. Ack.

The “Devil in the details”. I truly believe that there is an evil force at work for those of us caught in addiction! I’ve written about it before, but today am even more convinced. I don’t know HOW MANY TIME’S when I have been on the brink of freedom, that something rushes in to block it. SO MANY TIMES. I really, truly, think that there is an evil force that doesn’t want us to be free! I cannot deny this phenomena any longer. EVERY TIME that I have been on the brink of freedom, this has happened to me! Enough is enough. I won’t let it take me down. Something niggles at me to suggest that I am powerless over IT. Alright, then. God, or our higher power, must be more powerful. In him/it I trust. God willing (and I know he is) I WILL be free!!!