It’s still early for me to report, but something kind of amazing and wonderful happened when I got up this morning. I had lingered in bed, feeling very down and discouraged, depressed even. Dragging myself out of bed was hard, like opening a soup can without a can opener. Anyway, while the coffee was brewing I decided to deposit a cheque into my account, using my iPhone to snap a picture of it with my online banking. When it asked for the amount, I was a bit confused because it looked like the amount was already there. Well, it was but that was the current balance of my account. The cheque was for the exact same amount as the balance of my account. After snapping the picture and depositing it, I even checked the balance, subtracting the cheque amount from it, just to be sure. The same. What are the odd’s of that happening?

Call me spiritual, but that seemed like a sign to me. It certainly felt like a sign and my spirits were immediately lifted. “Ok”, I thought to myself, “I can do this”. This, meaning follow through with my plan to quit drinking. And that, knowing that the Universe, or God, or what have you is there to help me. That, in Jungian terms (Carl Jung, the Psychiatrist, a contemporary of Freud) is called a Synchronicity; a meaningful coincidence, and I’ll take this one, thank you very much!!!

I’ll report back later with the days results.