Dry January…*cough*


Ah, well at the beginning of the month I joked with my friends when they asked me how my “Dry January thing” was going and I said, “Well, let’s just say that it’s mostly dry with the occasional showers!”. We all got a laugh. Truth is–it’s been showers EVERY day. Nothing even close to there being a dry day in it thus far. But, that doesn’t really surprise me. In fact it doesn’t even bother me.

Doesn’t bother me? Has ‘Nelson the psychopath’ finally emerged? No, no, nothing as serious as that, although I haven’t seen a psychiatrist for a professional opinion. There is no need. Well, you see, I went into this whole Dry January thing with only one expectation; that by the 31st of the month I would be off the booze. I’ve given myself a whole month to do this, to wean myself off, taper down and all that. Today is the 24th. I still have 8 days to accomplish this, and I really think I’m going to do it.

I’ve stopped going to the pub. That’s been hard. The first two weeks were the hardest, but now I’m quite comfortable with staying home and getting drunk. Ok, that’s a “ha-ha-ho-ho” thrown in. Actually, staying home, I’m drinking about half amount that I used to. One night I had only 3 small cans of 5% cider. I’ve been averaging about 4 cans of the same per night for most of the month (except for the 2 times I went back to the pub and got really drunk, of course, but those don’t count right?).

So here’s the rub. Turns out I’ve had quite the love affair with my booze, for a very, very, very long time (like, 40 years). I can’t just dump her (no pun intended). I’m having to let her go gently, as it turns out, and I think I’ve been doing pretty well with that, which is why I think I’ll be able to give her my final farewell sometime in the next few days, on target for the 31st at the latest…wow, that was a long sentence.

So there we be. And, by the way, two of my best “pub buddies”, who I convinced to join me on this Dry January thing have actually done very well with it compared to me. One is at day 23, the other at day 14. Both of them told me yesterday that they have no plan to go back to the bottle, ever! How great is that!? Awesome great that is. Warms my heart.

Onward and upward.



It’s ok…


5 night’s in a row now with very little alcohol. While I have aspired to do the whole, “Dry January” thing, my reality has necessitated a gentler, easier way to ease myself into it. I’ve been drinking less and less each night, tapering down to tomorrow, which I hope will be my first alcohol free day in a very long time.

Already, good things are happening. My memory is improving. I can concentrate for longer than a minute. I’m feeling feelings, smelling smells, feeling the soft touch of my cashmere cardigan, and of oh-this and oh-that! I’m connecting with everything and everyone around me! Feeling here, in the moment, rather than just being as I was going from one hangover misery to the next, like a Zombie.

I don’t believe in Zombies, not like the TV and movies depict, but I do believe in our being capable of being in a near Zombie like state, we heavy drinkers as we almost merrily go from one drunken eve to the next. The days might be sober, but just until the witching hour, until whatever time it is that we all pick up that next drink and desperately dig our way back to the land of the lost, where Zombies roam, that we drunks call home.

But I’m not there!!! I’m here!!! I’ve just been somewhat absent for a very, very long time. I’m not a Zombie, but I have been close, to that for too, too, too, oh so very, too long. But I’m back!!! Yes, I’m here. I feel me again, and it’s ok. It’s ok.

A drop of freedom’s nectar adorns my lip. I taste it and it is so very sweet and oh, so very good.

Yes, it is all ok…


Dry January…and beyond.


Yes, absolutely, I have signed up for this and I am planning to do it. I know it isn’t going to be easy. I’ve been drinking like a fish for the last few weeks (not to mention decades). Have had some of my all time worst hangovers. Aches and pains all over, all day long. Also had the worst flu of my adult life (which I soothed with you-know-what). So much booze lately. Too much. I’ve been checking in the mirror every morning to see if I’ve turned yellow yet. Not yet, thank God. But, did you know that your liver has to be about 75% destroyed before you show clear signs of it, like jaundice? Holy crap!

On a good note, one of my best bar buddies has signed up for the Dry January challenge along with me! That’s a god-send. I know he’s serious about it too. He drinks about as much as I do, so we’re a good match for this challenge! We’re going to meet regularly for coffee (not at the pub), hit the gym together and get a flurry of texts going between us to keep us motivated and on track.

I’m going to do this! And if I make it the month, I’m going to keep right on going and quit this insanity for ever!!!

Wish me luck.




A Christmas update from this drunk here in Vancouver, Canada. I hope to share with all you there. This could be a poem, but it surely won’t, because I’m serious, perhaps a bit delirious, thanks to the drink that consumes me every day. But on this special Christmas day, I do pray….that you all have had, a truly great Christmas, full of peace, harmony and happiness. Seriously.

Yes, I pray. I do! I’ve had a difficult few weeks and months, to be honest. While the obsession to drink has left me, I have kept up the habit. I really, really hoped to wake up this Christmas morning sober and free, but all I found was a broken tree. Well, no, I don’t have a tree. Well, I do. There it is above for you.

Anyway. I’ve signed on and committed to doing the UK “Dry January” thing. It just got its start 5 years ago, but has gained momentum. There are millions of people engaged with it now. Many who do take the month off drinking make a change for the positive in their lives, which is wonderful. I’m thinking about bringing the program to Canada. Well, I have 5 of my drinking pal’s signed up for it already! Would be great to expand that.

So, ya, I’m going to do the Dry January thing….and if I am successful at that, I will keep it going for as long as I can! That’s my plan. God help me.

Christmas blessings to you all.