It’s 4 minutes to midnight. For the first time in ages, I’m not mourning the passing and misuse of yet another year wasted. Wasted from the drink, having stumbled along the cold cobble stone peach pit road, the path of the lonely and lost, wayward alcoholic; awake, in the midst of a nightmare of regressive regret.

Instead, I’m facing the other direction and welcoming in a new year with a new life and new life style — and stone cold sober at that. What a difference 4 minutes can make!

So, instead of waking up tomorrow morning tired, sick, wondering why I repeated the same disgusting, wretched insanity yet another time, I’ll be waking up to a new day and new year, fresh, free and yes, happy.

Happy New Year, friends. May we all be happy. πŸ™






17 thoughts on “New Year…happy.

  1. Nelson, you are my hero! Cue swelling orchestral movie music! Man, we have GOT this sobriety thing. Skip, hop, step-ball-change, and tap-dance our way into 2019, shall we?

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    1. Lol…thanks Emma! I think we have almost an unfair advantage, thanks to the Antabuse…we can’t slip up without planning it two weeks in advance! Of course way before then we’ve come to our senses! So ya, cue that orchestra and let’s dance! πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ’™ Take care!


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