dishwasherWhen I was a boy we had a dishwasher like this in our home. It came to mind tonight as I started my own. It’s late, I’m getting ready for bed. I am hoping the gentle swish-swish sound of it will help me get to sleep, just as it did those
oh-so-too many years ago.

Back then Mom would put it on, usually after I was already in bed. Its comforting sound joined in gentle harmony with the quiet murmur of my parents voices as they finished up their day. These sounds gave me great comfort back then. And while the sweet voices of my parents have been long absent, at least my own dishwashers voice is here tonight to comfort me. I need comfort. Now, so many years later, so few comparable comforts remain.

I had just three cans of light beer tonight, instead of my usual three times that. I’ll have insomnia for sure, without the alcohols stupefying hand, helping me to pass out, like usual. The gentle swish-swish of the dishwasher will help, I hope. May the day come soon when I don’t need either the booze or the damn dishwasher to comfort me, to woo me away from my inebriated false sense of reality.

May God hasten the day…




3 thoughts on “Swish swish…

    1. More slices to come. The barriers to full disclosure are breaking down…because…you know…all this needs to be said, come what may…we need to be able to be who we are — with caution where caution is due.


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