What if every delusional persons delusions were true? Is delusion an illusion? Most would say “Yes”. But why!? What we choose to believe is based in truth, as we see it. While it may not be “socially acceptable”, whose to say what is right, or true, or not!?

In the end, tomorrow we could all be annihilated by an asteroid or a flu pandemic. What would be “socially acceptable” then?

Not that you should listen to this rambling drunk…which I am now and in general!

Take good care my friends! We all need it!



5 thoughts on “What if…

  1. Perhaps no one is in a place to tell you what is right or wrong, but you know what is best for you.

    Even if you only have a few days left, I hope you make the most of those days so you can die with no regrets.


    1. Well isn’t that just a hope-filled rosy comment from you Lamar!!?? I have more than a few days left my friend! Your pessimism doesn’t help me brother, although I do understand it…


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