Dear Frank…

Frankly, I think that our drinking is largely a daily choice that we make. Yes, some drink to relieve last nights hangover. I’m not talking about THAT situation. Rather, I talking about the bulk of us who choose each day to drink. We all have our own reasons for doing so — absolutely. And for most of us, those reasons are quite sufficient to support our cause, our daily or weekend binge, habit.

THAT is the root cause of our drinking. I know MY root cause. Almost every day, still, I choose to band-aid that wound, those wounds, with my “DOC” — “Drug of Choice”, alcohol.

I know it’s my choice, every day. It really does help me to cope with my pains (ala Gabor Mate’s ideology).

And so it is, so it remains. Sadly.

HERE, we can find strength and support. I am so very grateful for that, for you my friends.

Here’s to an alcohol free 24 hrs! I’m still working on that.



3 thoughts on “Dear Frank…

  1. I’m doing my part today to help this family share this tragic tale. If you decide to quit, Nelson, please stay safe. I was one of those who was stupid and went through withdrawal after withdrawal on my own, any one of those withdrawals could have been my last. Actually, the last withdrawal was my last, I hope, since I don’t plan on drinking again.

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  2. Nelson, I understand your predicament. You love your drink as do I but you don’t like the hold it has on you and the fact that it’s slowly killing you.Like you, my buddies are usually drinkers and I don’t want to swap them for a humourless AA crowd. You allude to underlying pains, is that more than the unrealised artistic ambitions you mentioned in an earlier blog?
    Keep going my man.

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