Seems that when I have the most resolve to NOT drink, that I go out and get pissed up! Why is that? I really don’t know. Oh well. If I live to see another day, I’ll start over. God-willing. Perhaps THAT’S the secret!? Having a real relationship with God. God, the great unknown. The prime mover of the Universe!? One would think that it should be somehow easier to connect!? Especially for those so desperate!? A mystery it remains. 


4 thoughts on “Still drunk…

  1. The Creator is closer than you think. Would you truly be interested in learning more about how you can develop a personal relationship with the one who gave you life? Seriously consider contacting a local Jehovah’s witness. Check your phone book for the nearest Kingdom Hall number. Request a free Bible study. They will be delighted to come to your place at your convenience. I believe when you start to find out the purpose of life, things will fall into place. It’s worth a try. Costs only your time. You may be positively surprised. You wil not be judged nor pressured. That is a promise. The answers to your questions will be based only on the Bible. Grab the challenge. I am rooting for you. Do it soon. When you wake up tomorrw.☺

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  2. Nelson- the first couple of lines could have been written by me, that’s either comforting or scary. Clearly it’s something about alcohol and a certain type of person , but it’s certainly exhausting. Keep plugging away. To paraphrase Mark Twain , giving up is easy, I’ve done it hundreds of times!

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