A bird that fly’s and stops along the way on this branch or that, on this tree or that, is responsible not just for the place where it ends its journey, but for every place where it stopped along the way.

In the same way, every drunk like me is responsible for all of our past, our drunken irresponsible flight from there to here. We all know that, and that makes being sober that much more difficult. But from what I hear, especially from the “Promises” stated in A.A., we can be forgiven, we can discover new life, regardless. This keeps me going.

I’m on a self-imposed detox this week. By the weekend I plan to be off the bottle, forever. That’s my plan. I believe it will happen. I believe I will make it happen, with the strength of my higher power, whatever that is, that which is beyond myself, that I know is there for me.

Thanks to all those who have supported me up to this this branch on this tree. This tree of Life.

4 thoughts on “Flight…

  1. Spread you wings and fly. We are cheering for you. Do not let self pity creep in and cause you to crash. You are more like a delicate butterfly than a fly. Butterflies are beautiful. So are you. Be happy for life today.

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    • Thanks for your constant, kind and caring support. This morning I will start “Day 1” of the rest of my life. Almost 3 am here…need to get back to sleep! Take care! 😘

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      • You are very welcome! We are on this planet together. When one soul hurts, we all hurt. So, get some rest and take it hour by hour. Oh, and your children surely love you. You gave them the gift of life. They are a part of you.😊

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