Still drunk….

I’ve had some sober days, but mostly drunk. Still struggling big time with the beast.

It wants to kill me. I know that. Do I care? I’m 58 years old now and the care is lessening. Not a good thing, I know, but this is life in my culture!


4 thoughts on “Still drunk….

  1. Oh, the beast will always be lurking in the shadows, but you can outwit the beast. You know what triggers the urge to drink. Glad to read your post again. Do not give up.

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  2. Keep trying. Don’t give up. I keep following your blog hoping to find you have a sober day. Then 2. Maybe 3….only you can decide and follow through on it. Now, you’ve mentioned the kids a few times. As a sober alcoholic, I can offer you this…stop using your X as an excuse. She doesn’t “own” the block. Your kids are adults and will deal with her on their own. The bottom line is this, if you want to see your kids and have a relationship, you would do it. Phone, send cards, take an interest and get off your butt and visit.

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