We are all adrift…

All adrift on the sea of humanity. For us, getting free of our addiction brings unexpected results! Once sober we realize that our alcoholism is just a “symptom ” of our underlying disorder of mind or spirit.

When we get off the bottle, the demons come rushing in. All too ready to point out our imperfections of character that led us to medicate ourselves against them in the first place! 

What if our demons are in fact who we are? That would help to explain why so many relapse. 

What if we could find a way to see and work with our demons, our character defects, and put down their power over us!? 

What if!? I susect then we would find our freedom. 


2 thoughts on “We are all adrift…

  1. I don’t think our demons are us, instead our demons are foes with which we build our strengths while fighting them. If we succumb to them, or join forces with them, we are lost, but never forever.

    The fact is, you can study your drinking problem from here until doomsday but knowing why you drink won’t make you stop. As they say in the recovery world, “If you were shot with an arrow, would you worry about what the shaft of the feather was made of, what kind of feathers were used, or maybe it was plastic that was used to make the fletching, and what about the arrowhead? No, if you were shot with an arrow, you wouldn’t worry about all this, you’d just pull the f’er out.

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  2. Some million dollar questions there Nelson! This makes me think of the stories I’ve heard about Buddha and his demonic tempter Mara. I don’t think we’re the demons but we can get stuck in some pretty demonic, repeating thought patterns. Take care, don’t drink today 🙂

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