At the risk of…

At the risk of losing everyones incredible support…I put in a few great sober days but went out to the pub tonight and happily watched the Oscars. Got pissed. Loved it. Back on the wagon tomorrow. At least I’m moving in the right direction!!!


19 thoughts on “At the risk of…

  1. It’s so weird following you on here.
    I don’t go to AA so for me, this blog world is like AA. A place to go and share stories and listen to other people’s stories.

    I imagine your presence here to be like if AA allowed a drunk guy to come into the room, everytime there was a meeting. Everyone’s working so hard and discussing his struggles and he’s just telling stories of all the crazy shit he did on his bender. So weird.


  2. How many sober days have you had in the last 2 months? You’ve made it to lots of day 2’s, haven’t you? Last year at this time how many sober days had you had in those two months? I went a few years after I initially thought that I wanted to quit without being able to go more than 2 days and those were few and far between. Day 2 and day 3 were just brutal for me every single time, and then one day I hid in bed under the covers until I made it to day 4 lol.
    Hope your meeting goes well with your sponsor today ❤


  3. You know, Nelson, I sometimes think of drinking again, after 6 years of sobriety, so I get it. As a matter of fact I thought about it a few days ago when I was on a dream vacation and was bored out of my mind and miserable, I knew if I had a couple of drinks, everything would seem amazing and fun. But I have been given, or i have given myself, so many more worthy things in the last six years and I have a huge fear that they’d all be taken away from me if I drank again. You didn’t give yourself time enough to start collecting the really good stuff that being sober brings. This time, wait longer. Let yourself start feeling the lasting effects, feelings that last more than a few hours.

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