One more time baby…

Ok, I finally have myself a new AA sponsor. Starting today I’m going to commit myself to going to at least one meeting per day. That’s easy for me because I live very close to one of the busiest AA meeting places, with meetings a 10, 2 and 7 or 8 pm almost every day. I’m NOT going to “taper-down” my drinking this time. Rather, I’m going to get a small bottle of wine and have a few ounces of it only if absolutely necessary if I am going through any significant withdrawal, which rarely happens when I quit drinking. I’ve used this method before with success.

So that’s my plan, folks. Oh, and I’ll be seeing my therapist once every two weeks again, who is very supportive of my desire to stop drinking. I’ve also told all of my drinking “buddies” about my plan to quit drinking and attend AA. Only one called me a woose.

For some reason I really think I’m going to follow through with all of this, this time. I feel a definite spark of optimism deep within my loins. YES. I’M GOING TO DO THIS. With the help of my higher power, I will.

Thanks again to all who have been faithfully supporting me here. Your support has truly made a great difference. Bless you all.


15 thoughts on “One more time baby…

  1. You go Nelson!!! WooHoo! I have 114 days sober, longest I have ever gone. Let me share this, my worst day sober is far better than a drunk day. I sleep, no anxiety, no hangovers, no “impending doom”. Not every day is great, but this is far better than drinking my life away. Whatever it takes Nelson, keep trying! I almost gave up, and somehow I made it. You’ve got this guy. 👍

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  2. Using wine last time didn’t help you my friebd, here you are “quitting” again. Just sayin’ it’s NO alcohol, not a crutch you leave behind the door in case you feel gimpy when nothing’s wrong with your leg. And if your sponsor thinks that is smart, fire him. Just real talk man, sorry I know you didn’t ask


  3. Nelson I am overjoyed to read this. It isn’t going to be easy but I believe in you. You are truly doing a wonderful thing for yourself and I am so proud of you.

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