I can’t imagine being a Meth addict. I’ve seen the effects of that, on body, mind and spirit: Zombies come to mind. We neighborhood drunks are far from that, although not that far. Alcohol rots us from the inside out. Our brains and vital organs take the greatest hit. Alcohol dementia awaits the oldest of our bunch — and that’s irreversible, folks, once it sets in. I think I’m on the verge of that. I still have hope, however, to back away from the brink, before its too late. I do hope. I’ll drink to that! Haha! 

6 thoughts on “Difficult…

  1. Nelson it must feel as though you are fighting a demon all the time. If you didn’t feel bad you wouldn’t write this blog. Your situation is difficult. You are a drunk. You admit that. But deep down you do want to change. I know that going in to treatment is not an option but there are medications you could take that would help you stop drinking and still be able to carry on working. Like Antabuse. The choice is always yours. Nobody is shoving anything down your throat. You are doing a good job of that with the alcohol. My mum is a long time alcoholic. She is 75 now with many health related issues from long term alcohol abuse. She told me the other day she wants to stop drinking. I just smiled. I know she can’t. I know that for her it is too late. The demon has well and truly got its grip on her. But you are younger Nelson. You can still do it. I believe in you. I am expecting to see good things in your life. You can beat this thing. You can do it.

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  2. My husband once said to me, “If you ever decide to save yourself …” I can’t remember what he said after that, but the first part stuck. I knew he was right. I had to decide to save myself, and then never question the decision.

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