The great equalizer…

One aspect of being a drunk that I have often appreciated is that at a bar, one can meet people from all walks of life. CEO’s, Doctors, College Professors, Bus Drivers, Retired Cop’s and Judges, Artists, Musicians, the occasional homeless one (depends where we drink of course). All of these illustrious, interesting and often brilliant people at the same trough as me, all of whom I would never have known without the thing we have in common – the drink! 

I have to admit, this experience has enhanced my life and I have become friends with people I would never had imagined. All good. I feel blessed. But, all of us, all of the above are held captive by the demon drink, that will eventually kill most of us. What a mixed state of affairs!? The enigma of life perhaps. Whatever it is, I am ever so grateful to have spent time with so many wonderfully talented, candid, caring, mostly thoughtful and inspirational souls to date. An enigma indeed…

5 thoughts on “The great equalizer…

  1. Nelson, that’s so true! I have met so many interesting people at pubs & bars. There’s that certain carefree, letting loose and having fun energy in those places early in the evening that just makes it easy to talk to others, and so hard to find elsewhere, eh? For the first month at least after I quit drinking I felt really really lost as that was a huge source of socializing for me and I’m one of those people that everyone thinks is outgoing and friendly but inside I’m awkward and ridiculously shy and self conscious. I’ve been really trying lately to interact more with people – practicing by chatting it up with the elderly in shopping lines and bank queues. Fun times.. at least I’m remembering some of the conversations these days 😉

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