Like a fish…

Ya, Im back to drinking like a fish. Impossible to eacape at this time of year. Christmas. And, all my drinking friends out and about. So, maybe after New Years I can settle down? Lets hope. My boss wants to take me to Cancun for a “New Years resolution/revolution” in mid Jan! It will be booze filled. Oh well. Without my job I would be destitute. That wouldn’t be good. 

7 thoughts on “Like a fish…

  1. Nelson, you caused me to search the web for a few lines from the movie Hancock. (Bear with me here.) If you’ve never seen it, it’s about a superhero with a drinking problem. I’ve edited the lines somewhat.

    Ray: “Stop pretending that you do not care! You have a calling. You’re a hero, Nelson. You’re going to be miserable the rest of your life until you accept that. Trust me. Trust this plan, this process … When they call, a hero is what we’re going to give them.”

    And one more thing: Meaning of the name Nelson: Son of the champion.

    I am guessing this resonates with you, or I would not have such strong feelings about it.

    The world needs its superhero Nelson. No pressure. ; )


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  2. It is definitely the hardest time of the year for Alcoholics. I am struggling like crazy. I truly hope that 2017 will be your year. Alcohol is such a destroyer of life. It fools us in to thinking we need it to have a good time but all the while it destroys us from within. Watching my own mother, a long time alcoholic, at 75 years old and still drinking heavily is a timely reminder that I need to change NOW as I just do not want to go where she is. I pray that you will have a turnaround next year Nelson.

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