I give up…

Signing off for an indefinite period here folks. All previous efforts to control or quit my drinking have failed. Turns out I can’t even get into the Detox/Daytox program here now…the government changed the entry requirements…cut-backs and all that. Well, I could get pissed and go kick out some store windows…get arrested and then get transferred to the Detox program, etc. Then the government would cover it! Weird, but true. Soooooo….that leaves me…where!? I don’t know. Stranded.

17 thoughts on “I give up…

  1. Stick around, Nelson. There are a lot of people that use the blogs for support and inspiration. We may be two sides of the same coin but I really hope you decide to stay and continue sharing honestly. Helps everyone in recovery to do the same.

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  2. Nelson, don’t give up. Don’t let alcohol win this. Go kick out a store window if you need to do it to get the help do it! Just because you’ve lost the battle doesn’t mean you’ve lost the war. The only way you lose the war is if you stop trying. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Nelson, the only failure in recovery is giving up. I thought I had given up so many times, at times I thought it would just be easier to drink myself to death, but my spirit was stronger than that, it wasn’t ready to give up. I bet yours isn’t either. Sure, you’re feeling defeated, it is from that point that most of us rise to make final stand. It is from that point that we finally realize that we don’t want to lose anymore.

    Don’t give up, get up.

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