Quick update…

So my “FRIEND” ended up dragging me out and about with him this week. “A last bender” he called it. At least he paid for it all. This was after I told him that I couldn’t do this anymore, that I need to stop drinking and get on with the rest of my life. He agreed. Well, and then my boss gave me a promotion this week. I’m now the head-honcho guy! Comes with a small raise, and a huge amount of more responsibility, but that’s ok. I can handle it. Gave me a boost in my retirement plan too. I just might be able to retire by the time I’m 65! Whooohooo! Well, that means a lot to me actually.

So my “FRIEND” wanted to celebrate all that with me and give me a good send-0ff binge drunk. What a FRIEND. He left town this morning, thank God. He doesn’t expect to be back in at least 6 weeks. I told him to not expect me to be drinking when he gets back. He congratulated me on my resolve and wished me good luck. I told him I was dead serious. He bought me another drink to celebrate.

But, ya, now that he’s gone…this IS IT for me. I’m done! I’m more than done!! If I can’t get sober over the next week, I’ll check myself into rehab, detox, whatever it takes. Wish me luck.



15 thoughts on “Quick update…

  1. Just stopping by to see how you’re doing…and while I can appreciate the guy aboves abrasive honesty, it’s not necessarily true. I, for one, would love to see you succeed. Not very concerned if you read my posts and like my blog. Any who- hope you are doing well!

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  2. I will be with you every step of the way – day one (again) for me tomorrow. I have to do it this time too but I am reaching out rather than trying to go it alone. Well done Nelson x

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  3. Well done for making the best choice you can make for you. Life is so much better without booze! Went to a party last night, danced till 2 in the morning. This morning I’m up, NO HNAGOVER NO SHAKES and I can rememebr everything! Its just amazing!

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  4. Nelson – from across the pond…you can do this. You can survive and THRIVE off of not drinking. I haven’t posted lately, but I know this now. My life is better without alcohol. Yours is, too. You know it is, you just need to feel it. It feels “right.”

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