Thanksgiving blessings….

So last night (Tuesday night here in Canada) I cooked my finally thawed out Turkey and really enjoyed it. Well, after the blood stopped flowing anyway. Whilst carving it, the knife slipped and I severly cut my thumb, right on the joint. I narrowly missed hitting a major vein and tendon, thank God.

The turkey was delicious. I enjoyed a second helping of the same tonight. My thumb is in wraps. Totally bandaged. I have all my first aid and emergency responder training, so I knew what to do last night.

Someone messaged me today that they fell off the wagon, big time. I responded by telling them just how much I can relate to that. I’ve been off the wagon for ages! In a controlled sort of way, lucky for me…I can still function day to day…although I have difficulty figuring out just WHAT day it is from day to day! Not important. Not while we are caught in the grip of our alcoholism. Every morning when I sit on the John (the “WC” for our Great Britian readers) I ruminate, try to pontificate even, but end up having to just truncate all of that and figure out what day it is. I’m usually pretty close, within a day or two. I don’t wear a watch, so it’s not that easy!

Anyway, my point is. To my friend here who fell off the wagon, SO WHAT!? Like, it’s not an easy thing to fall off the wagon in our culture!? Getting on the wagon is the hard part. Those of us here are trying to get on and stay on the bloody wagon because we know that it’s not good for us and if we keep on like this, then the booze is going to KILL US!!!!

Everyone here knows that the booze will kill us, if we let it. IF WE LET IT!!! I know that that is easier said than done. Well, as for me, unless I stroke out or have an Upper GI bleed-out, which is beyond our control (especially when on blood-thinners as I am) I am NOT going to let this dis-ease kill me!!!

Join me. Your company is most welcome, and by the way, you are loved, by me and all the rest of us here on WordPress. Don’t forget that! It just might be the ultimate secret and path to our being free!!!


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