Alive and drunk. 

Yup, Im still working on the world record. For some reason, fate has continued to smile on me. Drinking profusely. Hungover every day, but somehow still able to keep functioning with my job and day to day. I guess I’m lucky. I guess. Anyway, I’m still planning to quit drinking. One day soon. Cheers to that! 🍻

8 thoughts on “Alive and drunk. 

  1. Good to hear from you Nelson. Obviously it would be better to hear you ard not drinking but at least you are still hoping. Faith without hope is fruitless.

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  2. Its not easy… everyday you will wake up and say from tomorrow on I will stop drinking… and years and years will be stolen from you by that one thought. rehabs can help some people, but for others, its just a temporary stopover. AA works for some, never did a thing for me. I hope and wish you the best

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