Still drunk…

Ya. Struggling big time. Life is happening all around me. I do my best to keep up..and keep on. Losing battle at this point. Sorry to disappoint those who are watching. Life is as it is, folks. Comes a time when we may need accept our fate, our Karma, our choices in life. I accept my lot, my fate. Sometimes fate and destiny are our inevitable path. I can see and accept that, although I may not agree. This is life, as it is. I hope for a better fate for YOU! That said, I believe in fate. I also believe that it can be changed, if we can align ourselves with it and hear it, so that we can become all that, all who, we are meant to be. That is my hope, my present inspiration. Also my wish for you friends. Blessings to you all. 

21 thoughts on “Still drunk…

  1. Nelson man this disease is cunning baffling and powerful! I have no defense against it. So what I do is fully surrender. And I was taught that when I surrender, like a soldier, I need a new set of orders or instructions, and I need to follow them like my life depends on it…because it does!

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  2. I wish you the best. You can frustrate me because I want to see you succeed. Try different, not harder. I believe you really want to quit. It’s freaking hard, especially when you get so far down the road of addiction. We’re all pulling for you. Even if some people are harsh- we wish we could do it for you but we can’t. You have to- that’s the shits and the reality of it.

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      • To be honest, I don’t believe that you REALLY want to quit-you have not done everything that you can possibly do to quit-if you’re in therapy, I wonder two things-one is if you are telling the absolute truth-the other is if you are, you need another therapist. You will not do re-hab-I know… the job thing-right. And you don’t seem to stick with AA or any other outreach program. The times you seem most regretful and determined are in posts that are posted late at night-I’m guessing after you’ve been drinking. This blog-will not get you sober. YOU will get you sober-YOU getting help- not being the helpless victim of your addiction. This is your choice-and it doesn’t seem to me that you are actually making choices to become sober. This was not “one slip” I totally agree with overcoming. I thik the question may be why you want to kill yourself-

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      • Nobody can see how bad another person wants to quit. Nobody else knows what you are capable of doing right now to help yourself. I wanted to quit with my whole being, but if that meant going to a meeting or rehab, I couldn’t do it. I know that doesn’t make sense to some people, but it is my truth. I was too scared, too ashamed, too weak, too alone and I didn’t have the support or forces in place to pursue those avenues of recovery. Luckily, I found the support I needed in online recovery communities. Now, I am a different person and I would have no problem welcoming any means of support if I needed it and it were offered. But back then I had to build from what I was capable of while alcohol still restrained me..
        I, too, started out with a blog but soon found I needed 24/7 support. There are some great online communities out there: Sober Recovery, SMART, AA online, Moderation Management (it support people who choose to quit completely also, I’m a member and I haven’t drank in 5 years.), Hello Sunday Morning, In the Rooms, One Year No Beer…


  3. I don’t believe that anyone is fated to die an alcoholic, that is a choice. In the end it comes down to making the choice not to drink, no matter what. No matter how shitty your life is, no matter how much you dislike yourself right now, no matter how much you think your existence depends on drinking…you hold on day by day, that a life without booze will be better. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday. Someday it will be worth it but drinking won’t get you there.

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  4. You’re no disappointment. You’re just an alcoholic. It’s ok to not be ok.

    Do you have someone you trust that you can sit down with and express that you have lost control?

    I’ve found that is helpful in my life with alcohol, resentments, fears, and plenty of other things. When I get to tell someone else about it, it feels like I have transferred some of the burden to the other person.

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  5. I understand your “escape” from the present through alcohol but I ask myself if believing in “fate” and destiny really are what you believe in your soul, or is believing in fate comfortable because it is what the majority of society deem to be true?
    We believe that there is no such thing as “fate”, “destiny” or “bad luck” in life because our lives are based on our thoughts and those actions from our thoughts. The actions from our thoughts become our reality. Believing in fate means we can do nothing about our present situation but that appears to convenient for my beliefs. We all have it within us to master our lives as we wish and sometimes we may need professional help to set us on our path.
    Best regards from the three of us over at the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog. 🙂

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