“Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”. 

Quoted largely, historically, it’s been mostly debunked. Same with, “What’s one more! Give me another!” Ok. I did well the last two days. Drank very little. Slept like a dead man. Felt SO good the last couple of days. Tomorrow will be different. Many thanks to those urging me to get into rehab. Not doable for me here in Canada, due to the nature of my job/work, sadly. But that’s the reality I just have to deal with. Too bad there are not any “Rehab Coaches”. Perhaps I should change my job (as some have suggested) and do that once/if I get sober!! I know there would be a market for it here in Canada. Anyway. Another day in paradise! That expression is my trademark, my goto…because this is the only day that counts, and for me to see it through, is a pure blessing. Take care folks. Thanks for your care and concern.



4 thoughts on ““Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”. 

  1. There are recovery life coaches out there, Nelson, even a few in Canada. I’m pretty sure their treatment would not go on your records. Whatever works, my friend, whatever works. For now, I hope you find a reason to stay sober tomorrow, a wonderful reason-you.

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  2. Glad you have drunk less Nelson, and that you are feeling the benefits. What about home detox ? We do that here in the UK for certain people, it’s supervised with medication to manage withdrawal and ongoing counselling / support … Is this an option? Lilyn🌷

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