We are all in this together…


There is more than strength in numbers here, dear friends. This is a phenomenon, a purpose, a place, emergent. We are blessed. I’ve had some criticism in the past few days, but those seem to have forgotten the intro to my blog…that this blog would document either my deliverance or demise. When I wrote that, I knew full well that I may, or may not make it through this. The odds are against us, very sadly, but that is the cold, harsh truth.

We aren’t painting pretty pictures here, friends. We are in the middle of a battle. Some here are free now, many days, months, even years in. You are such an encouragement of pure hope. Bless you all. As for the rest of us still struggling, God speed and may we ALL one day soon break the chain that binds us and become.finally.free…


9 thoughts on “We are all in this together…

  1. Nelson, all it comes down to is if you want to quit, that is it. If you truly do not want to, then you’re not going to. That’s why I have been struggling with it so much, because I am not all in – you seem the same. You can’t MAKE someone quit smoking, drinking, scratching themselves, whatever it is, if they do not want that from within… that’s just life.

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  2. I want to see you succeed Nelson, I really do. But without help your chances are slim. What legacy will you leave behind, what will people say if you die from this alcohol addiction? You can change that scenario NOW by getting help. I would rather die fighting than go down without a fight.

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