Im so sorry to write yet another post tonight, but I feel that I want to. Its 7:25 pm. I’ve been drinking since 12. Almost 8 hours! Whoa! Im a fucking, raving alcoholic! Am I proud of that!? No. It’s all craziness. And here I am! What to do….what to do…!?

One thought on “Drunks.

  1. You already know what to do. You just need to do it. Rehab perhaps but first a visit to your Doctor to get a medication to prevent you from drinking (antibuse makes you violently ill if you consume alcohol) You have a serious alcohol problem and it won’t go away on its own. If you are interested there is a questionaire called ADS, Alcohol dependency score. Based on the result it will tell you just how damaging your alcohol dependency is and what steps to take.

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