Drunk again…

Yup. Well, I have really been trying to taper down my drinking lately. Seems that is not going to work. I have a weeks holiday time coming up. I just might admit myself to our friendly neighbour-hood Detox centre for that week. And then enroll in the “Daytox” program, which is a 6 week mandatory enrolment program, for a few hours a day. Holy crap. I never, ever, imagined that I would ever get to this lowly stage, state of life!  But…I-know-that if I don’t do something radical to arrest and douse out this horrible dis-ease…that it will kill me. 

Yes, I’m very serious. Ok, seriously drunk too, but seriously serious about this conclusion and resolve. I don’t want to die at the hand of this fucking beast!!! Just, like….NO!!! So, as they say so beautifully in AA….I will, I must, do, “Whatever it takes” to be free. 

I’m ready for that. Whatever it takes. Amen. 


8 thoughts on “Drunk again…

  1. “Always do sober what you said you would do drunk. That should teach you to keep your mouth shut” that’s the actual quote. He also shot himself in the head so. … don’t take any of this advice


  2. Have you ever done the ADS test, Alcohol dependence test, the score you get on that tells you what your chance of success is regarding moderation. I have a feeling you will score higher than what is suggested. I scraped in at 15 which apparently means I have an equal chance at moderation or sobriety . I am useless at moderation though. It has to be sobriety or nothing for me. Do whatever it takes to succeed. Life is too short.

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