Etc., etc…

We all expect our days to end in one way or the other. When we are still drinking, we have NO idea how our days will end. 

I had no plan to drink today, but I did. I met a good friend. I mean a GOOD friend, who is also working towards being free from alcohol’s demonic grasp. We parted, well wishing one another a day of sobriety tomorrow. That’s a real friend. Better to drink together tonight than to drink alone in some bar with a bunch of stranger drunks! 

Well, some consolation that is, no!? 

So, my point is…ok, I don’t know what my point is. I’m drunk! I’m a drunk. I need to quit! Well, I did cut down this week! My blood pressure dropped 20 points – both diastolic and systolic! That alone is remarkable. 

I won’t carry on now or I’m sure to awaken halfway through the night semi-sober and frantically check what I wrote, deleting whatever, as I have done before. Not tonight. That’s progress for me. 

Y’all take care.


10 thoughts on “Etc., etc…

  1. I tried for a few months to rely on my friend’s intention to quit drinking together. And we planned our last day. Then we stumbled. Then started over again together and then got quite a few days of sobriety. And then she fell off the wagon and I stayed on for a few months and then I drank again for a few months. We drank together again. And now I have quit “for realz” this time and she is still drinking. So, I guess what I’m getting at is, you can’t wait until someone else gets ready to be sober.

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  2. I remember all the times, and there were many, that I gave myself “a by” to drink, all the times I thought were worthy events, all the reasons that seemed inarguable. They, of course, were all of my own making. There is no reason to drink other than you “want” to drink. One reason is so much easier to argue against than all the other reasons we manufacture. One reason, we can wear down. “I want to drink” doesn’t stand a chance against all the other noble reasons to not drink. Get those arguments in place for next time. “I’m not going to drink because I’m strong enough not to.” I’m not going to drink because I want better than what drinking has given me.” I’m not going to drink because I want to finally know the person behind all those drinks.”

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  3. I don’t think there is any ‘better’ drinking if you want to quit. Having a friend there means you have an excuse, opposed to be alone – but then maybe because you’re alone you’re lonely and then that’s your excuse…
    If you want to quit cutting down isn’t enough. You said you’re drunk, and obviously coherent, so that’s good – but it’s still drunk…

    I’m not having a go at you, or telling you off for drinking, if it comes across like that – just be wary of glossing over what really happened with excuses and reasons.

    All that said – it is great on your blood pressure, and from a physical point of view, for now, the cutting down is obviously having immediate benefits 🙂 really great!

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