Tonight I drank a fair bit. Not as much as my “usual” night out. In times past, I’d stagger home, eat something — anything to help alleviate the inevitable hangover waiting at the door-step in the morning.

The last 4 or 5 days, I have been quite successful at moderating my alcohol intake. I can’t believe how well I have been feeling. Unbelievable really. Indescribable. Anyway, tonight I blew it, went back to my wiley ways, but not as much as I’ve done before…many times before.

Usually, after a night of drinking, I’ll scavenge, then go to bed. Nothing much happens biologically until the next morning. Tonight is an exception to that. When I got home, I had to go to the washroom post-haste. So I sat there reflecting, commiserating….but most poignantly thinking to myself….”Hmmm…makes sense…after giving my body a break for a few days…dump a bunch of alcohol in there, which you know, is POISON…that my body wants to get rid of it as soon as possible!” Duh!

Thus was my experience tonight! And I’m grateful for it! I gotta say–and already know–that the booze is pure poison, folks! It doesn’t belong in our bodies, no matter how the alcohol industry wants to paint it. Bottom line is, it’s POISON!


P.S. It’s now about 15 hours since writing. I just edited out a lot of what I wrote. What’s left here is the only stuff worth keeping. The rest was drunken-slop. I shouldn’t write after drinking…


11 thoughts on “Poison…

    • Hangover is not too bad, thanks. I’ll be sort of off all day tho. And what is a hangover? Our body recovering from having happily and willingly poisoned ourselves!!?? It’s crazy isn’t it!? That’s the whole insanity of the thing.

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    • I think I can go to zero now, if not today then by Sat or Sun for sure. I’m actually looking forward to going to a meeting tonight, to spend my evening with a bunch of drunks instead of a bunch of drunk drunks!!!

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  1. It fucking is. Gotta give the body a rest every now & again. Do what I do – and drink shitloads of water. Bottled, flavoured, anything. Flushes the system & cleans it out. I swear to God, you’ll feel the benefits.

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