Getting better…

Just a quick check-in, although I hesitate to, given my dismal track record. And, given that I have yet to pry my lips off the gasoline, I just want to report that in the past couple of days I have successfully cut my drinking back. Tapering down seems to be the way for me, rather than going cold-turkey. So, last night I had just 2 glasses of wine, down from 4 the night before. I slept SO WELL last night, although I did awaken frequently.

I feel quite spacey today. I always do when I cut down. This is the day that I usually pick up the juice again and go-go-go back into space for another few weeks. Well, God willing, and with a good dig into my ol’ sobriety toolbox, today I plan to have zero to drink. Ok, I will allow myself one glass of wine later if need be.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be completely alcohol free and can start my “Day 1.7”.

Thanks all for your kind thoughts and support.


15 thoughts on “Getting better…

  1. I’m a little hesitant to write this… And hope you get that it comes from a good place.. But.. Am I right that you want to (or feel you need to) quit drinking entirely? Have you set yourself a time frame when there will be no glasses of wine allowed?


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