There seems to be a verdict yet out on the relationship of love to compassion. IMHO (In my humble opinion), compassion is love in action. Compassion is irresistible. When you have it, you cannot resist expressing it. Love is a more nebulous concept, sadly. Love is threefold: For the world, for friends and family and for sex. The corresponding Greek words for this are (and which I prefer): Agape; Phileos; Eros. To me, love isn’t love unless compassion is present. Jesus embodied love, was by his life the epitome of it, as shown by his compassion. A parent radiates it with their care for their children. To me, compassion is the evidence and expression of love. May we all have compassion upon us all…and were it so, were this so, all over the world, we would be at peace. Imagine that–world peace! Haha! We’ve all heard that one before, but I really believe that if love and compassion could run and rein unbridled…then it really could be so…let’s do it!!! We can do it! All we have to do is spread the love!

2 thoughts on “Compassion…

  1. Nelson, thank you for the likes and comments. I agree with you. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone really loved and respected one another? But, for that to happen, each person would need to “learn” how to love. And the next question is : Who can teach us and how do we find the answer? I know.

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  2. This was a nice blog to read before 6:00 am. It reminds of me Marianne Williams’ book, “A Return to Love.” One of my favorite quotes (not from the book) is, “When we change, all else changes.” I have seen it in my life time after time. Thanks, Nelson.

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