Giving up…

What’s wrong with me? After years of practice, I have all the tools, ways and means to quit drinking, but I just can’t seem to do it. I could be an alcohol and drug counsellor for crying out loud! I feel like giving up, drinking myself silly, losing everything and getting forced into rehab. Then maybe I’ll get sober. But, I really really really don’t want to go that route.

I’m so discouraged. So discouraged. I guess I’m one of the “Unfortunates” that AA talks about. Lost cause, hopeless case. Story of my LIFE! Oh boy, do I ever have an exciting ride ahead of me!



11 thoughts on “Giving up…

  1. Read Jason Vale’s book.
    If you notice, my ‘giving up’blog started 3 years ago, then I disappeared into drinking for two years and came back, then disappeared again for another 6 months. This time I only have 2 months under my belt of sobriety but it’s huge for me.
    Jason Vale’s book helped.

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  2. I know so much about alcoholism that I pictured myself on speaking tours and writing books, all while drinking. Who speaks in public without drinking?
    No attempt to stop drinking matter except this one … today. I still struggle to wrap my head around that concept, but it’s true. The past doesn’t matter except what you learned from it. Only today matters. You are worth saving.

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  3. Do you know what’s stopping you from making the jump? Is it the fear of ‘never drinking again ‘ ? Because you don’t have to decide that, you only have to decide not to drink today … . I agree with finding some more support – someone to be accountable to… You CAN do this … Lily 🌷

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  4. There is not anything wrong with you. You aren’t broken, I think you need more tools. Only you can decide when you are done. It sucks. I want someone else to do it for me too but they can’t. Rehab is not a horrible place. If that’s what you need- do it. I’ve never heard anyone say- I wish I would have dug my bottom deeper.

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  5. Three days sober here. And it’s not that I’m an alcoholic….or am I? I guess I don’t have to be shitfaced everyday to be one. The fact that I HAVE to have at least one drink (or three) shows me there’s a problem. The struggle.

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    • There’s a potential problem, if those 3 turn into 4, 5 + over time. For years I drank very little and found it very comforting. After my divorce, though, everything changed and my drinking got steadily worse…and the rest is history…..

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