Day’s end. 

So, regardless of my fortitude to start over again today, what did I do? I booked off sick and got myself royally pissed. Oh ya. I’m kind of spiralling down here, like a crop duster with no more crops to dust, so spirals down for the last dusting, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. 

Rehab? After so many caring comments to my last post, I am now officially open to the idea. It might be just what I need. To my rational mind it sounds like something akin to signing up for the non-return trip to Mars (that NASA or some private agency is actively recruiting for…really). 

Trip to Mars – Rehab? Maybe. At least I am open to it. That’s huge progress for this guy. Seriously.

Thanks again to all for your care and concern. This guy is flying high right now, but I just might take the leap, with the parachute, of course, to safer ground. 

Sorry to irritate all you soberites with my fodder. 


8 thoughts on “Day’s end. 

  1. I think the fact that you’re open to the idea of rehab – no matter the time of day (although freefallingintoasoberlife has a point) – is absolutely marvelous. My husband refuses to consider it; he equates it with prison.

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  2. You write this at the end of a night out-or possibly the next morning. That’s always when my urge to stop drinking was strongest. And, then as the day goes on, that urge gets pushed aside-or totally forgotten.. It seems that Happy Hour time is about the time you start drinking. When you decide that you really want to make headway here, you will have arranged to meet with your sponsor at that time-or be at a meeting at that time-arriving early and staying for the next one if you need to. You will do something to break out of the pattern-and you will keep it up. Rehab and detox is probably a good idea. You say that you aren’t that into the one you would have to go to because you grew up in a better part of town than many that would be there. Let me tell you something-after feeding hundreds of homeless people for years, you will be surprised at where some of “those people” grew up, went to school, worked. And, unless you have a ton of money or one hell of an insurance policy your rehab facility probably won’t resemble a posh hotel. BUT-it will give you more than you could ever possibly know. I understand that it’s scary, but you seem to be on pretty unstable, scary ground right now anyway. So, what have you got to lose? Less by goiong than not would be my guess.

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    • Thanks for your kind words. Starting today I’m going to go to a 5 pm meeting that I know of. I’ll go early. I just need to get past the 4 to 6 witching hour, get some food in me in me and then go to a 7 or 8 o’clocker. If I can keep that routine, I know I can make it….

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  3. Rehab is really not that bad – I mean I didn’t really like to be there, it did feel uncomfortable, I won’t lie. But it was the beginning of my journey to my final sobriety and I learned lots of crap and picked up some good tools. In the long run it turned out to be a huge help! Hang in there, sending big hugs!

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