Drunk’s on the bus…

I was walking home past a bus, and an old guy sitting there alone there in it briefly caught my eye. He looked drunk, lonely, desperate. I saw him, he saw me. As I continued past the bus I realized that that “old guy” was probably about the same age age me. I wondered how his day had been, where he was going. I could tangibly feel his loneliness. Meanwhile, I swept past, sipping on the chocolate shake I had just picked up from McDonalds. Further reflection suggested to me that he was half dead, yet I am still at least half alive. I picked up my step heading home, grateful for my genetics, or lifestyle, or whatever that enabled me to almost whistle while I walked and laugh out loud in gratitude that only a couple days ago I was out running in the local trails, full of vim and vigor. Indeed, despite my alcoholism, I am a lucky man. Thank you, God, Infinite Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness, whatever name we choose. I am so grateful. Thank you, SO so much.



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