Someone wrote today about seeing their Mother stand at the window in her bathrobe…for YEARS…looking out, waiting, watching for her husband to return. He never did. I almost cried when I read that. But, you know, it seems like most of us here are sort of the same…standing in our bathrobes…gazing out our own glazed over Internet windows, looking for…hoping for…sanity…better still, sobriety,to come knocking. And yet it eludes us, or taunts the sober few of us. We drink to relieve our pain. It’s a very real pain. Alcohol gives us a night or day away from that pain. I know…as I now drink yet another one of the magical elixir. It will kill us tho, if we let it. How to prevent that!? Love, I think. How to spread the love? I don’t really know! Other than this, right here, right now. We all need to band together. Love, connect, or we will die, alone! I don’t like that option. Let’s hold hands and unite. We can’t let this beast take us down. We just can’t!!!

4 thoughts on “Tragic…

  1. Hi Nelson, you’re right – we are stronger together. Alcohol numbs the pain we feel in the moment but as soon as our ‘anaesthetic’ wears off, the fear and pain return. We can choose to run and hide in alcohol or face our fears in the sure knowledge that when we ‘come to’ they will be all be waiting for us. I guess the question is, are we prepared to go toe-to-toe with the pain until we discover that we can deal with it and don’t need to numb it? We endured it and the world didn’t end. I think feeling the pain and fear is like anything – the more we practice the better we get and our tolerance and confidence improve with time. I know you can do this. All the best, Billie.

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