Hannah was her name…

Oh my. I was at a pub earlier and one of the regulars brought his daughter in with him. He’s a drunk like me, a “Functional Drunk”, like me. That means we can drink a lot and still look normal.  We can keep our jobs and function well, until happy hour, and then we get pissed.

Anyway, my functional drunk friend came in with his 6 year old daughter, Hannah. Broke my heart. She pointed to her Dads beer bottle and said, “How many is that, Daddy? I don’t want you to get drunk again!”. He promised her no and then paid up and left.

I was left with bewilderment, and great regret, and longing. Longing for my own grandchildren…one of them being Hannah’s age.

Meanwhile, I’m getting blasted probably way more than Hannah’s Dad tonight. That’s not a good thing, but it’s where I’m at for now…*sigh*



18 thoughts on “Hannah was her name…

  1. This is heartbreaking. And honest. Like most of the above, you have to find a starting point. We all have. It’s why we’re here on these damn blogs. Good luck, my friend. Find that point.
    PS My eldest daughter is called Hannah. It’s a beautiful name.


  2. Hi Nelson. An honest post. I took over 10 years to get sober, and now that I am, I wish I did it years ago. When you get sober, which may be tomorrow or in 10 years, I guarantee you will wish you did it earlier. I don’t want to waste another second in a pub or bar. Best of luck. Noddy

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    • I think that may be part of my problem in getting sober. I’m afraid to clearly see how many years I have wasted and now what little time is left, but I guess its about quality, not quantity…


  3. The situation will change only when you want it to change.
    It’s tough but it has to come from inside you.
    Try carrying a picture of your ‘Hannah’ in your wallet, so everytime you get your money out you see her face and hear those words “I don’t want you to get drunk again!”

    Good luck. Stay strong.

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  4. Why do you think you drink? It might sound like a simple question but it took me 16 years to find the answer for myself. Now I know why I can work on the issues that lead to my drinking. I wish you well.

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  5. I have two suggestions for you: since right now podcast and the Resurrection of Jake the Snake on Netflix. I hate WWE but after watching the documentary I almost can tolerate it. It’s a great film.

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