187 million…and alone..

Latest estimates from the experts say that there are AT LEAST 187 million other species of life here on earth. From sea life to life as we see it. Ironically, we are only ONE! We are only one of all of those who have the highest level of consciousness. Think about that. Dog’s and Dolphin’s might be close, but in the end the only other species that we can fully communicate with is ourselves. One out of 187 + million. Think about that again. Out of 186 + million other species on this earth, we only have ourselves to truly relate to! Out of all those species, we are totally ALONE! It’s just us with this level of consciousness. And we wonder why we drink!

We drink because within the human race we are faced with so many obstacles of communication, of connection with others. Nations, Countries, States, Provinces, Religious preferences, Politics, other matters of opinion…all divide us. Even our own families are divided. So much division! And we wonder why we drink? The booze helps us to cope with our estrangement from the other 186 million species, with the divisions between our nations and countries and politics, and states and provinces and families. So we have good reason to drink. Really!

We may have good reasons to drink, based on all of the above, and to keep drinking ourselves into oblivion. BUT, as great as the booze is to help us cope with all of the above, it has a mind of it’s own, seemingly. It want’s to KILL us for having our peculiar and particular state of awareness! I think alcoholics and addicts have a set-apart state of awareness about life and everything than most people do. Come on, you know it. I know it. Why? That is the unanswered question. In the MEANTIME, do we allow the beast to kill us??? To slowly but surely degrade the quality of our lives, until it slowly but surely takes the very life-breath away from us??? I think not. Join me in this crusade against it!


3 thoughts on “187 million…and alone..

  1. I think our biggest fear is to be alone and not loved. We crave love, companionship. Learning to live in this big crazy world minus alcohol is a whole new ball game.I feel ostracized, I feel like I have a disease and it isn’t alcoholism! But telling people around me that I no longer drink brings about some awfully strange responses. I am strange, religous, a muslim perhaps……all because I quit drinking! So being sober makes me even more unusual among the millions of species. Bring it on!

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  2. Well said Nelson. No, we don’t allow it to. We fight (anyone who thinks this isn’t a battle needs a reality check) and yes, I’ll join the crusade. I’m up for a ‘scrap’. I still spend time feeling scared but am not going to be bullied by this illness or have my life ruined or totally defined by it. .

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