‘Club Alcoholism’-New Members Welcome

Billie does it again! Good stuff — and a good plug for the value of A.A.


‘Club Alcoholism’ is open to new members and everyone is welcome:-

  • The rich, poor, upwardly mobile, socially static, lottery winners, those born with a silver spoon in their mouth or who made a fortune from hard work and determination.
  • Any race, nationality or religious faith and those without faith.
  • Refugees fleeing persecution or conflict and those of us lucky enough to live in a ‘peaceful’ democracy.
  • Post-grads, under-grads, and those who didn’t start or complete a degree. Mature students, teenage proteges, and Nobel Laureates.
  • Judges, nurses, politicians, fishermen, secretaries, bankers, pilots and van drivers. Also, sportsmen, actors, and members of the clergy.
  • Those between jobs, and people who through no fault of their own, cannot work.
  • Those who work four jobs to make ends meet and others in a high paying gig.
  • Those who live in sumptuous surroundings and those for whom home is a cardboard shelter beneath a railway arch.

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