How short-sighted we are…

Oh my. Despite this mornings grand declaration, I still went out this afternoon and drank like an elephant. This morning I totally forgot about the Soccer cup championship going on. Of course, one of my soccer-fan, beer buddies, wanted me to join him at the pub to watch the game. Of course, I went…had a couple beers there, then came home and hit my favourite local for a few more, and here I am, all pissed up once again.

The soccer is only going for another week. So, I may end up doing my best to keep a cap on things, so to speak, during the next week and THEN do my detox and get on the wagon thing. Oh my.

I know! This is typical alcoholic behaviour! I know that full well. I know that all too well, actually, which sort of spoils my drunks.

I talked to my dear old friend, today…the guy recently diagnosed with ALS. I told him I was going on the wagon. He laughed and said he was glad that (age 75, dying of ALS) that he didn’t have to worry about that anymore. He’s been a heavy drinker for his whole life. Now, with the ALS eating away at him, he’s HAPPY that he still has his occasional drink to look forward to! Imagine that. Seriously, imagine that. Gives a different twist on it all, doesn’t it?

And on another note. Another friend told me last night that his liver enzyme reading lately was 289, which is dangerously high. My last liver enzyme count was 44. He and I drink the same amount (as far as I know). Life is a strange one, but a great one if we have the right attitude towards it.

Y’all take care.


5 thoughts on “How short-sighted we are…

  1. Hi Nelson, I never wanted to stop drinking, I just wanted to lose the downsides. I know I’m repeating myself (apologies) but in the end it was being willing to stop that made the difference because I was never going to want to do it. It was tough and sometimes still is, but it’s worth it. I wish you all the best, Billie.

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