Day whatever…not what I had planned….

A couple day’s ago I planned to wean myself back and quit the booze again. That hasn’t happened. I’m ok with that, however, because circumstances in my life just haven’t made that possible. My best friend suddenly showed up in town (a bar-buddy). Another close friend needed some medical help (another bar-buddy). I’ve been stressed out. Too many things adding up to my continuing to drink. I know it isn’t the best thing for me.

My best friend leaves town tomorrow. My other friend has his medical needs all squared away. So now I have no excuses. TOMORROW is the day then, that I wean myself back down off the booze. Really! Just watch me.



9 thoughts on “Day whatever…not what I had planned….

  1. GABA (you can buy it at the grocery store) seriously helps with anxiety.
    I quit cold turkey, with no meds, etc.
    I mainly drank on the weekends. But I was horribly anxious and it was definitely worse for the first while sober. I had read drinking to soothe withdrawl just extends it… Maybe that just anecdotal.

    Anyway, GABA and Epsom salt baths and magnesium before bed always help.

    You can do it. It’s so worth it.

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    • Weaning myself off means I stop drinking cold turkey and use a few ounces of wine as needed to help with any withdrawal. Recent studies, in fact, have supported this as being the most effective way to “detox” even hard-core alcoholics.

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      • I appreciate your concern, and that’s good advice for many. I’m not concerned about my safety. I don’t drink enough to worry about DT’s etc, thank God. I just have a bit of anxiety and insomnia when I quit drinking, which I would rather treat with booze instead of Benzo’s etc.

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