Yup, I’m drunk. Well, sort of. It’s funny how when we are hungover, we can drink the next day with impunity…doesn’t matter how much we drink, we can’t get back the buzz from the night before, or so my experience has been. Well, I started drinking today about 1 pm…and finished at 7:15…8 drinks over 6 + hours….I guess I spaced them out too well. Ack. Whatever.

I’m back to work on Monday. So, I’ll do my best to cut back to “normal” levels by then. Maybe I’ll even put a day or two in sober? That would be great, but I’m not holding my breath or counting on that. The only thing I’m counting on is my higher power to maybe kick in and intervene and give me’s a break? That would be great.

Thanks to those who commented today. Much appreciated.

I hope I feel ok in the morning. God willing.

Fresh corn on the cob for dinner tonight. First of the season. Nice.


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