Day 3…

Day 3 of my sobriety.

I slept like a baby last night, for the first 4 hours at least. I did not have any insomnia, trouble getting to sleep. But, I did have trouble going back to sleep after the 4 hours. In fact, it took about two hours, plus a little Xanax and a few ounces of wine to settle me down. I awakened a couple of hours after that. Well, that’s better than the night before! I’m calling that progress! I’m looking forward to see what happens tonight.

I’ve heard that one can have weeks or even months of sleeping problems after quitting the booze. The drug Campral (acamprosate) supposedly helps with that and other withdrawal issues, which I will look into if I need to. About half of people who stop drinking after prolonged periods of alcohol use suffer from “Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome”, which is a bit frightening. Wikipedia has a good article about that here:

I’ve been feeling pretty good today, so I think I’m past the worst of the withdrawal effects for me. I’ve never drank 24/7. It’s always only in been in the evenings (including on weekends) of usually 4 to 6 pints, with the occasional binge of 7 or 8….but that’s been for 20 years! So, if I’m past the worst of the withdrawal effects, I’ll consider myself very lucky!

That said, if I really feel the need, I will drink a few ounces of wine to help with it. I’ve only had to do that twice since Saturday, so I think I’ve pretty well made it through the woods, I hope!

Like yesterday, I’m finding the writing here a bit difficult. Difficult to do and my interest seems to be lagging, but as I said yesterday, I’m thinking that that is another one of the withdrawal effects! Again…we shall see! Till tomorrow!


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