Getting fired…

Well, yes, I could very well get fired. Thanks to a “caring” work mate supposedly looking out for my own good, my employer now knows that I have a drinking problem. Yes, my dear work mate thought that my boss would be able to “help” me. Oh jeese. Not the help that I needed. On the contrary, I’m now under serious scrutiny and could even lose my job. My drinking wasn’t interfering with my job!!! Well, not noticeably. Being hungover all the time isn’t the best for ones work performance. But for crying out loud, I’m — ok, I said I was a “Support worker” at a Care Home, but what that really means is that I’m a Custodian. Some might say that that’s a JANITOR, but I don’t just clean toilets! I look after all of the building maintenance services. I’m the guy in charge. Anyway, ya, my hangovers do slow me down a bit, but I have never drank while on the job. Yesterday was my day off (hence drinking so much the night before). I am frightened about potentially losing my job. Like, really frightened. If I do that Daytox program, I’m going to let my boss know that I’ve quit drinking. At least that will show her that I’m serious and it should reduce my chances of getting canned. Oh what a life. Oh, what a life…

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