I have a plan…

Ok, yesterday I talked about possibly going to the “Daytox” program during my vacation time. Can’t say that idea thrills me. In fact, I’d rather not go (just a bunch of real drunks there remember…!). So, here’s my plan. If I am not able to stop drinking between now and then, then I will go. I think that’s a fair challenge because if I’m not able to stop drinking between now and then, then that’s even more evidence that I am a real drunk myself and need a program like that. Makes sense doesn’t it? I think so. Going would be the best thing that I can do for myself in that case. So, we will see….

On another note, I’m appalled at how bad my memory has been lately. Certainly the booze is to blame. Age might play a role in that as well, but I’ve noticed for years that when I quit or cut back on my drinking, my short term memory improves dramatically. It’s never been this bad, however. It’s well known that excessive alcohol consumption has a host of negative health side-effects, with memory loss being one of the many. Well, I hope that the alcohol is causing it! Heaven forbid if I’m showing early signs of Alzheimer’s. Mind you, my father had Alzheimer’s, and in the last few years of his life he simply FORGOT to drink!!! That’s not the way I want to go, however. No sir, no thanks.

And on yet another note, I’m going to search out and join some online communities that are devoted to alcohol addiction. One I know of is called…oh for crying out loud, I can’t remember the name!!! I’ll report back on the name. My point is, one thing I learned in AA is that sharing our feelings, our struggles, frustrations, joys, experiences etc., and reaching out to others (Step 12) is very therapeutic for everyone involved. So, I’m going to explore that route and join some online communities in an effort to help both myself and others.

Last note for today: I’m not going to go to my usual watering hole and drink my evening away. I’m just going to stay home, have as few drinks as possible and make this day one of my plan to taper down and quit my drinking before that vacation time roles around. That’s my plan…let’s see if I can do it.

Would love to hear from you!

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