Hello! I wrote this introduction and started this blog in September of 2009. As you will see, now almost 10 years later, I’ve continued to drink…until very recently.

I originally wrote this as the introduction back in 2009:

This blog is the tale of a drunk. It will document either my deliverance or demise from what some people in our culture call the “Demon-Drink”; ALCOHOL.

I’m in my late-forties and had my first taste of alcohol when I was about six, but have been drinking steadily since I was 19. I can still remember my first sip of the emerald green, oh so sweet “Creme de Menthe”. So began my love affair with Alcohol!

Well, I’m almost 60 now, and the journey continues. I had my last drink on November 31st, 2018 and enjoyed my first Christmas and New Years alcohol free in over 40 years. I have no plans to drink again, but only time can prove that true, or not. See the “About Me” page (top right) for more of my background info.

Your comments, input, advice, admonishment, whatever, as I travel this journey are all most welcome and appreciated. I so desperately want to be “finally free”. See my blog posts below for updates.



7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Ah, so now I’ve read a few of your posts and see that you have been active in some communities and AA, you are trying hard. You are! Look back at all you’ve gone through, you don’t give up. Keep going and see what’s around the next corner, maybe a better tool, maybe lasting sobriety. Don’t you want to see?


  2. Nelson, I sure picked a good day to find your blog, huh? I haven’t read the rest of your blog yet, but I will, so I don’t feel qualified to offer any advice, but I will. That’s just how I roll. lol. Just know that you’re not back at the beginning, you’ve learned a lot in seven years, what is the lesson that you just can’t seem to stick? Do you need help getting past it? It is so hard to do this on our own, yes, blogging is a great community, but there are other communities out there, too. SMART, One Year No Beer, Hello Sunday Morning, Moderation Management (if you’re still drinking there’s a lot of people here that can help you with getting it within limits for now, even if your goal is to quit completely), Sober Recovery, The Rooms…I know I never could have found my sobriety without the combined support of the blogosphere and my 24/7 community which is MM. BTW, I have not had a drink in almost 5 years and still rely on the daily interaction with my “neighbors.”
    Don’t ever give up, you are so worth all of this.

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      1. I try to read a few new sober blogs ever day. Today, I started out at Groundhog Girls’ blog-a blog I follow, then from her blogroll I went to S is for… from there I went to Sober Sparkle (?) and from there I ended up at your blog.

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